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Tinder Review: Why Everyone is So Obsessed with the Service

The Tinder we know and use now still welcomes all people to find whatever they want, but mostly it is a hookup app. Does it work well for this or whatever relationship? You will learn below. I haven’t been using Tinder for 6 months, and for the sake of the experiment and review, I installed it again to give you the most recent and fresh information.

How to spot a catfish online dating

Hey everyone, my name is Aya, and I’m going to show you how to spot a catfish when online dating. I was recently catfished on a dating app. Now, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say! I’ve heard similar stories, we all have, but you never think something like that would actually happen to you.

How to be a slut and be proud of it

We used to hear that being a slut is something terrible — we were raised that way. A good girl is what all around want you to be. Your parents will be disappointed: what people would say about you, you better consider that. No man will want to marry you if you will be a slut or behave like one. I think it sounds familiar.

Dirty pick-up lines to make others blush

The pick-up lines are known as an ice-breaker, the one that could work well and earn you points or hit an iceberg and drown like Titanic. I’ve made up a list with all possible charming pick-up lines for any occasion to make your crush blush and smile. But let’s go all in and talk about the darkest pick-up lines.

Why your ex comes back

Raise a hand if you’ve ever received a text from your ex. It doesn’t matter if you were single, was seeing someone or in a new relationship. I’ve been single for nine years but can still raise my hand multiple times. 

But why do they do this? From research, asking friends and my own personal experience, here are five reasons as to why your ex comes back. 

How to Master A Threesome

Threesome is always a sensitive topic as a lot of people are doing it without any particular reason. Whereas the reason should be exploring and fulfilling your inner fantasies. I don’t want you to go through the same experience as I did, so I’ll talk on how to master that damn threesome thing so that all parties will enjoy it!

Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

It seems like the definition of sex is getting broader every day. Besides people being vocal about heterosexual and gay sex, we are also more aware of oral and anal sex, and it doesn’t make us blush anymore. Yet the “real” sex is to be an actual physical penetration. Is it really, though?

Online Local Dating Sites: Why Choose Them?

The answer is pretty simple. Online dating opened new horizons for us to meet people without leaving our sofas yet the main goal remains the same — meet someone in person eventually. No one wants to have a romantic pen pal all the way across the globe. We all need it right here and right now.

Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

Subtle Asian traits group was created in October of 2018 to be precise, to connect all the Asian expats who live and study abroad. The group very quickly transformed from subtle Asian traits to subtle Asian dating. How does that work? I managed to get in and have all the tea for you!

Amazon dating review 2020

You heard that right. There is Amazon dating now. Honestly, the first reaction was my facepalm. How is that going to work? Are they going to rate people? Sell potential dates?

I’ve decided to test it to see what’s going on out there and how the entire thing works.