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FirstMet Dating Site: A First-hand Review of the Service

Firstmet, previously known as AreYouInterested, is more popular with the middle-aged American audience but has established a presence globally as well. The concept of the website is to find someone with similar interests and eventually proceed with whatever you’re both up to.

What’s Your Fantasy?

Fantasy sex is probably the most exciting topic that I like to discuss with people. Any people, whether those are my tipsy friends who are finally spilling the tea or a stranger at the bar who is trying to pick me up, even pick-up lines that are used on dating apps can tell you a lot about a person’s fantasy.

Sex On The First Date. Just Do It

Once upon a time, there was a human who gathered other humans and they all established that sex on a first date is not cool and no one should do it. 

Worst decision ever…

Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

When you both are 18 years old and your libido is through the roof, the brain quickly finds possible places for having some sex fun. Father’s sports car or a yellow Chevrolet Camaro (please ignore, my first boyfriend was a fan of Transformers) always suffer first.

Chaturbate and NudeLive: Free Gay Cams Review

The other day my friend and I started a conversation about gay porn and how sexy it could be. And somehow we ended up talking about the most popular gay webcams. In case you are not familiar with gay cams, let me break it for you real quick.

First-Time Sex Experiences. Is it all Rainbows and Fabulous Orgasms or Nah?

Oh man, the first time sex is a tough topic. Of course, I like some juicy stories myself and have no shame to share those that I know. Since my first time happened nearly two decades ago, you can imagine that I remember it very vaguely.

Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

If you haven’t tried webcam before, you lost quite a few pleasant moments in your life. I like to refer to webcams as online strip clubs and it is always somewhere in between porn websites and chat rooms or simple sexting. But better.

Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

If you think that public sex is an invention of today (or even yesterday) and this is a result of modern immorality, you are totally wrong. It existed always and everywhere, since the beginning of human time. Look at animals, do they worry about the publicity of their love affairs? 

Get kinky with bondage sex

B is for Bondage. It refers to the BDSM or your kinkiness. Whatever you prefer the most. A lot of couples nowadays experiment with bondage more and more. The secret is revealed, you don’t go full BDSM to try bondage and just keep it there.

These 7 Lesbian Dating Apps Will Introduce You to Your Dream Girl: A Full Review

Online dating is extremely popular now. Downloading an app for self-care or to find a committed relationship is nothing extraordinary now. Since most dating platforms target straight users, LGBTQ+ daters might feel left out.