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Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

No matter how old men are, they always remain kids inside. They still like the same things, but want them to be much hotter. When I was a teenager, I was crazy about comics. When I grew older, I found an alternative for adults: hentai. I cannot say this is my favorite genre but sometimes I browse the specialized sites when I want to take a little time out from dating sites.

A Review of Is It Worth Your Time?

After the official launch of as a dating platform back in 1995, it evolved and grew its user base strongly. Even nowadays the number of members is growing daily. The first users got to be the lucky ones as they were offered the Premium membership — for free and for ever.

BiCupid full review and why it is one of the best bisexual apps

BiCipud is actually one of the oldest apps for the bisexual people who are looking for different kinds of relationships. With over 1,5 million bisexual users, the website seems to be a leader on the market. After going through some BiCupid reviews I couldn’t help but wonder if that is truly one of the best bisexual, bi-curious, and gay app platforms to try out, so I tested it myself.

My Bumble dating experience and what you can expect

As the creators of the platform put it, Bumble is not just an app but a movement. After experimenting with the app for a while, I figured that they do have a point. It comes in three variations: Biz for business networking, BFF for finding new friends, and Bumble Date for serious relationships and casual hookups. Although I did play with the first two services too, my Bumble review is about dating.

The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs

Sex chairs were created and designed for sex at first and maybe sitting afterward. They are comfortable, look neat, and will make a perfect addition to your home interior. Not to mention that it can spice up the relationship in the best lazy way possible. The main point is to make weird gymnastic positions more comfortable physically. So the principle is, less pressure, more pleasure.

AfroRomance review: should you use the platform for interracial dating

As a relationship expert, I am firsthand familiar with how it is to be in an interracial relationship. There are a lot of stereotypes as to why white guys shouldn’t date black girls and vice versa. Although I never treat them seriously, it’s hard to see how potential Afroamerican partners lose confidence when talking to me because their families are not happy about interracial dating.

How I tried to find a Filipino date on Filipino Cupid

Interracial and international dating became a lot easier with online dating. There are platforms dedicated to all kinds of races and ethnicities, and people are open to considering same-race or mixed relationships. Today, we’ll be looking at Filipino Cupid — a dating website dedicated to Filipino dating.

Chatango: the chat room you’ve never tried before, 2020 review

Chatango is a fresh air of old school chat rooms. Even though the platform was created at the beginning of the 2000s, it is still popular and upgrades according to the time. It’s giving you freedom, and can also install it on your website to increase traffic by communicating with your direct customers.

All you need to know about Jdate

Jdate is celebrating its 20th anniversary being online and connecting Jewish people in the USA. The platform was created to bring together like-minded people for all kinds of relationships like friendship or casual dating. Still, most of all, Jdate is focusing on serious relationships comparing with any other sex apps. Also, Jdate seems to be responsible for half marriages in the Jewish community, and all of those are successful. These statistics got our attention, and we wanted to see in our own experience if it works that well.

BDSM test

Kink and BDSM are highly confusing subjects — there’s so much talk, bias, and hype about them that you might be confused about what approach to these fits you. If you are not ready to experiment with every fetish out there and find the right combination of turn-ons through trial and error, there’s a better option — taking a BDSM test.