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Female masturbation techniques guidance or how to play with your pussy

In case, masturbation was never your cup of tea or you just used to have some quickies — this is your chance to take it all the way to another level. But first, let’s talk about how to start.

All you wanted to know about different vagina types — shapes, sizes, and sex tricks

How many types of vaginas are there? As most people don’t see that many vaginas, we are not skilled in distinguishing them. However, if you are a GYN doctor or a Brazillian wax master, they are seeing hundreds of pussies a day. According to these guys, there are five different types of vaginas — let’s take a closer look at them.

TinyChat real-life review 2020

This time I got interested in all possible chat rooms. I found TinyChat and decided to compare it to other sexting chats that I used before. Of course, I had to try it myself to see if that is any good to spend time on the platform.

What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks

People should be more enthusiastic about eating asses. It’s a simple technique that makes the difference between great and so-so sex.

What is eating ass

Eating ass, also known as rimming or anilingus, refers to kissing or licking your partner’s butt and reaching anus with your tongue.

Things people get wrong about masturbation effects: myths and risks

You’d think that the majority of masturbation myths should be debunked by now. Well, it’s not the case — people still believe it can cause erection problems, weaken sexual desire of your partner, or lead to infections. If you aren’t sure about the effects that masturbation has on your health and sex life, let’s debunk the masturbation myths together.

Lesbian chat rooms for online hookups, sexting, and video calls

Lesbian chat rooms introduce you to all kinds of people and relationships: friendships, long-term romances, sexting, and one-night stands. Keep in mind that people who choose this type of communication often do so out of boredom. Many of these services are anonymous, so unless you do a video call, you won’t even know if it’s a woman you are talking to. Chat rooms are not the place to meet the love of your life and move in right away. Treat it as a fun experience, and you’ll be rewarded.

An ultimate guide to nipple piercing

To begin with, it looks hot. Then there’s a big chance that your nipples will become more sensitive and the foreplay will take on a new dimension. And finally, you can use this as an unbeatable pick-up line material regardless of your gender. You would be amazed at how much attention a tiny body modification like nipple piercing can attract.

Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life

The whole dating online industry did evolve a lot since the first Craigslist Personals went online and became popular. We have all kinds of apps and platforms: hookup sites, platforms for serious relationships, and all possible services of the LGBTQ+ community. A not that big part of the market takes Sugar Daddy vs Sugar Baby websites for older men to connect with younger women and vise versa. SecretBenefits is one of those websites.

BiggerCity full review for daddy bears

BiggerCity is not a typical dating website. It gets together all hot chub daddies, beads, and those who adore them. BiggerCity helps you to connect with big boys and share all the kinkiness that you have. Sometimes it can be unbearably complicated and not that easy to find someone to your preferences within other dating websites. Everyone expected to have abs and model looks according to the social standards. BiggerCity, on the other hand, brings people together

Pure Review: the Proven Way to Boost Your Hookup Game

The market is full of all possible dating apps, yet not all of them are genuinely great and deliver what is expected. Not every app is perfect, obviously, but I’ve decided to dig a little deeper and find the best possible platform where everyone can go and find themselves a treat for the evening. Pure is a complete delight among other applications that I’ve tried so far. Won’t make you wait any longer, I’m going to tell you why I’m obsessed with this app so much.