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14 best remote control vibrators

Remote vibrators are a revolutionary addition to the sex experimenting because you have the most fun and orgasms without even reaching with your hand between your legs.

Vibrators with remote control can also spice up things between you and your partner. Imagine going out on a date with a remote vibration in your panties when your partner has the remote controller. That is one hot public foreplay.

40 best role playing ideas for couples

Roleplay is more than just kinky sex. It gives you a chance to experiment with props and sex toys, but most importantly, the couple can see themselves in the new light. Role-playing ideas and marriage therapy are often closely related because it can help you two explore yourself and benefit your relationship long-term — so yeah, it’s more than just one exciting night in bed.

What is mutual masturbation and how to nail it

Most people who ever heard or thought of mutual masturbation consider it as something odd and quite embarrassing to do in bed. We say it is shameful not to try it in your 20s’, 30s’ or whatever age you are. Mutual masturbation will bring more heat and spice into a relationship. It is not only sexy but also empowering and a real game-changer. Mutual masturbation can bring you the confidence you might be missing or put it on a few levels higher.

How to master tantric sex: 10 tips for the beginners

In the world where quickies become popular, it is time to remember that stunning long sex sessions and try the entire tantric sex techniques. The legend says that Tantra was discovered in India around 300 and 400 CE, to the times when the first Hindu and Buddhist Tantric texts were created, which promised to lead to the Divine Love. Barely anyone could understand it at first, besides its creators, of course. Before that time, Tantric teachings were used after long preparations and purifications.

How to dominate him in bed if you are a newbie

Being dominant is not necessarily something you are born with. Rumors also say that you most likely need to be male for that kind of job. We want to break the typical opinion that males have to be dominants and females are for the submissive role. Nothing holds you back from becoming dominant for your man in the bedroom. Doesn’t matter if it’s a one-time thing or something that you are going to do regularly. We are going to break all the tips for you on how to be dominant sexually if you are a newbie.

Make it sloppy. Best lubes for anal sex

Besides all the tips that you should follow to get all set for anal sex, there is number one and very important thing to include — lube. But which one to choose? There are oil ones, expensive ones, and for sensitive skin — the choice seems confusing at first, but there is no time to panic. We got your back and have 10 best lubes for anal sex.

15 types of penises and sex tips for each of them

If you want to boost your sexual experience with a partner, start by identifying his penis type. There are a lot of kinds, and they require different types of stimulation. In this guide, I’ll show you the main types of penises in the penis’ nature.

The most powerful position of all or how to sit on a guys face

What can be better than a man who genuinely loves pussy and his favorite exercise is feasting it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Now let’s be honest, we used to receive the head from the guy mostly on our backs, relaxed, and let him do all the work. But the game has changed, and now you can do whatever and as you please. The biggest turn on is to sit on his face. What is even hotter for them is you being in charge. You dominate his mouth with your pussy. One wet power move, isn’t it?

The ultimate guide to the first time sex with another woman

It’s hard to calm down before having first-time sex with another woman. You don’t know how it will feel to have love with someone with boobs and vagina, and you don’t know how to make it all flow naturally. In reality, many bisexual and lesbian women found that having sex with women is much easier than with men. Still, you want to be ready for the exploration before you embark on the journey. You wouldn’t want to find yourself holding your partner’s boobs…

How to make your vagina taste good and feel healthy

A lot of girls feel uncomfortable about letting their partners taste themselves. The main issue is insecurity about the vagina’s taste or smell. Here’s how to make your vagina taste good.