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The most freaky and enjoyable objects to use as a sex toy or dildo

Some people think of trying different positions or roleplaying with sex toys when other people think in completely different directions. They look around and wonder how that would feel inside. Let’s talk more about what you can and cannot use as a sex toy or dildo.

All you wanted to know about genital clit piercings: benefits, precautions, tips

If you thought of clit piercing as an extra-accessory, purely for fun visuals, I have good news for you: it does a lot more than decoration. Many women think that getting clit piercing is a useless extra struggle. You have to wait while it heals, figure out a personal style, find a specialist — it all seems like too much hustle. In reality, many benefits of clitoral piercing outweigh the difficulties of getting it entirely. Let’s see the main reasons.

Full guide to edging for men and women

Getting frequent orgasms is a sexual dream for any woman. The real pros, however, aim for quality rather than quantity. What if you could hold back for a while, and then get the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had? What if there was a way to deliver both you and your partner an orgasm that would accumulate several small ones? There is a method for that — it’s called edging.

14 best interracial dating sites in 2020

The world is getting more open about any strict “rules” from the past. Dating world, too, is way more open that even 20 years ago, and this is especially true about interracial dating. Now you can be any gender, age, and ethnicity, or race and make a great couple without any sort of judgments. We are here to break for you the most popular interracial dating applications that are effective in finding any type of relationship with a specific race, culture, and ethnicity.

What does anal sex feel like: woman to woman

Anal sex is a very sensitive confidential topic but we decided to stop this silly tradition and embrace the topic. Women to women sharing different experiences and real-life stories to erase the taboo sign from the topic do women like anal sex.

I searched for knowledgeable experiences: all women are different, and each story has a unique impression on how they decided to try anal sex and what it felt like…

How to find your G-spot: the easiest guide

There are a lot of myths regarding G-spot out there. Some say that it doesn’t exist, whereas others refer to it as to elusive trick, available only to some women. In reality, G-spot is a precise point in the vagina, which has been proven to increase stimulation during sex. Today, we’ll take a look at the g spot orgasm technique and the best positions for exploring the spot with a partner…

Full guide on how to make yourself squirt on your own and during sex

Female ejaculation can be just as arousing as male one. Don’t let rumors intimidate you — squirting is not something you need to be born with. You can learn to squirt during sex and masturbation, and enjoy the heck out of the process. Here’s a full guide on how to make yourself squirt if you are a girl…

How to give a perfect handjob

The handjob is underrated, both by women and men. Some claim it’s a waste of time — who needs hands when you have other ways of satisfaction? But see, handjob doesn’t have to be mutual masturbation if you know how to do it. Handjob helps you get an idea about the partner’s penis, know what gets him on, and turns him off. It’s how you know what to expect during so-called actual sex. Here’s my guide on how to…

The full rough sex guide for her: ideas, positions, tips

The popularity of rough sex has gone up lately. As much as girls and guys love being tender in bed, there’s something different about openly being bad. It’s hardcore, sexy, and liberating. Kinky sex isn’t just about pleasure — it’s also a way to explore the sides of personality you never knew you have…

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie

Making an erotic selfie seems not that big of a job, but it’s not that simple if you want to make it memorable and make him hard. The exact reason why we decided to put together the ultimate selfie guide to make it easy and effortless.

Dress up

Who said that you should only be naked to make a sexy photo. It is possible if you are wearing…