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About Me

One beautiful November morning, my fabulous bum took the window seat on the plane that took me all the way to Asia. The very same moment dating apps took the leading place and since then, has changed the dating perspective completely. Yet, it wasn’t all rainbow and unicorns. 

Once I was complaining to my friend about my failed MMF threesome while we were sipping out free drinks that were sent from the fella across the bar. After the third (okay, the 10th) drink, I couldn’t help but wonder if my inner Carrie Bradshaw is sophisticated, and perhaps my potential talent got benched?

Even my terrible hangover couldn’t prevent my irresistible idea from expanding. Meanwhile, the Disney princess in me had it all figured out. So I had started to search. 

Same as all women are eager to find that damn G-spot, I was excited to find opportunities. Being a person who loves to mix pleasure with business has led me to my very first review for sex toys for one Hong Kong sex store. Together with that, I got an offer to become an editor for this erotic novel trilogy. And just like that, I got so obsessed with being able to share my experience with others, that there was no way back. 

I’ve decided to dedicate my life to traveling the world and exploring different aspects of international dating. That has connected me with They posted their advertisement, I responded, and since then, we became a perfect match. 

On this website, you will discover my personal and journalistic adventures on how to become a fierce and independent female with a point of view. Learn to explore your sexual desires by yourself and with a partner. And finally, you will get all the truth about top ranking dating apps and other adult platforms. 

Buckle up, prepare lube, and enjoy!